Brand story

Lindsay story is one of true friendship , sisterhood , love and loss. But will to overcome her grief and turn it into a beautiful gesture year on year is moving thousands of netizens.

Lindsay travels down memory lane recounting, “We met in Grad school— she was from US our worlds were so different but it was one of those friendships where we just clicked. She became more than just a friend— she was my sister my family. I was in HONG KONG for winter break when she broke the news to me— she had cancer. I flew down to be with her, hopeful that we would make it out of this.

She kept relapsing— she underwent rounds of chemo, grew extremely weak and lost her hair. I can’t explain that feeling— a few months ago, we were doing each other’s hair, getting ready to go out and now… I couldn’t bear it.

I chopped off my own hair and donated it to a foundation that makes wigs for cancer patients— when she saw me, she laughed and said, ‘You could’ve donated a little bit more!’ But at least she knew she wasn’t in it alone…ever.

She really tried, you know? She fought for 13 months but nothing was working. one day i went for shooping to purchase a wig for her i went down to some wig store i started selecting wig for her and than i realised it was so expensive wigs but somehow that day i managed to bought it for her she was happy to see the beautiful wig for her ,

One night, I was sitting next to her, holding her hand and I just knew…the end was near. Four days later, I woke up to a message— she was gone.

It broke my heart and gave me relief at the same time— she had suffered so much. I guess that’s what love is…even though it hurts you so much, you want whatever it is that makes the other person happy.


So I continue to live and laugh, but she’s always with me.And after loosing her i thought to make wigs for cancer people and for those who like to wear wigs than i start making my own merchnadising wigs in Hong Kong and slowly i opened my first store in Hong Kong and now its been so many years in this business we are worlwide ANEW®CRWON WIG starts to bring some happiness and joy in some people life . I continue to donate some wigs every year in hoping that she’s looking down at me from up there, laughing at all my funky hairstyles!”